4 Common Phobias You Can Overcome

There are plenty of unusual phobias around, some people are scared of TV’s, some people don’t like writing with their right hand but it is the common phobias such as spiders, flying and heights that you tend to come across the most nowadays. In this article I will discuss the 5 most common phobias and talk about the best ways to try and move past them.


This is the fear of spiders which I’m sure most people know as it is said to affect around 50% of women and 10% of men. It can be a real issue for some people who have to run out of rooms screaming at the first site of a small, harmless spider. This can affect their work, their home life and lead to anxiety disorders in the future. The best cures available are hypnotherapy and the old fashioned way of confronting your fear head on and holding a spider, a huge spider that will make other smaller spiders seem like nothing to you in the future.


This is a very common phobia nowadays which could be to do with a couple of factors, namely, that people are simply flying more so that more people are discovering this phobia or that because of the current threat of terrorism people are afraid of that more than the actual flying but put the two together because of terrible September 11th attacks in the USA. A fear of flying can be treated in the usual hypnotherapy way or by taking something to relax and calm you down on the plane; this is often the treatment most people prefer as it is manageable by themselves.


Claustrophobia is the fear of confined spaces, this phobia manifests itself in a massive amount of different ways, different places and to different extremes. To a certain extent almost everyone is claustrophobic, if you are put in a small enough space you will find it uncomfortable and start to panic, this is what some people go through but in larger spaces like elevators, aeroplanes or even hotel rooms! Confined space training is an excellent way of getting over this; you can learn how to cope and how to control your breathing when you start to panic. Once you can do this you can then start to take control of the phobia yourself rather than letting it control you.


You may not recognise the name but you will certainly recognise the phobia, this is the fear of needles or injections! Lots of people suffer from this, they dread having blood taken or being given immunisations for things, it often leads to fainting and severe anxiety beforehand. This is a difficult phobia to get over due to its invasive nature and the fact that some injections do hurt which means there is a reason for someone not to like it. The best results tend to come from hypnotherapy or just simply getting someone to take their mind off the injection whilst it is being done.